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Evacuation order issued Friday for Waterton Lakes National Park

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Parks Canada has issued an immediate evacuation order for Waterton Lakes National Park, including Waterton Park townsite, and all front-country and back-country trails, facilities, and areas as a result of significant public safety risk from the Kenow wildfire.

The park has been closed to all incoming traffic except emergency vehicles.
The safety of visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park, residents of Waterton, employees, fire crews and emergency responders is a top priority for Parks Canada. A change in weather conditions has led to increased potential danger and hazards from the Kenow wildfire that necessitate the evacuation of the park.
Parks Canada is working closely with the RCMP to ensure visitors, businesses, and employees in Waterton Lakes National Park have the information they need to safely evacuate the area. An Evacuation Reception Centre has been established in the neighbouring community of Pincher Creek. The Agency sincerely thanks everyone for their cooperation.
Parks Canada is doing everything it can to slow or contain the wildfire. Parks Canada has extensive fire protection measures installed at critical infrastructure, park resources and in the townsite. Our current priorities are: the safety of the public and employees, protection of infrastructure critical to firefighting efforts, and facility protection.
The Kenow wildfire started west of Waterton Lakes National Park in the Flathead Valley and is currently not contained. It has expanded to over 7,800 hectares in size and has advanced into Waterton Lakes National Park. Parks Canada is working closely with wildfire and emergency management partners in the region responding to the Kenow wildfire.

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