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Livestock Hub to complement agriculture business in Hanna

Written by  Jamie Rieger
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The Town of Hanna is well on its way to showing the world just the kind of stuff its people are made of since the province announced that the Sheerness Coal mine would be getting shuttered by 2030 as part of its coal phase-out.

In August, 2017, the Alberta announced that Hanna would receive $455,775 in funding to help stimulate economic diversification as it transitions away from coal-fired power generation. The funding came from the Coal Community Transition Fund falls under the Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES) program.
"We received funding from the Coal Transition Fund.
 The Hanna Climate Change Taskforce was formed and from that process, we started creating community action teams," said Trisha Sewell, economic development officer for Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation.
The taskforce held brainstorming sessions in February, where plenty of ideas were generated, including one that proposed having a Livestock Hub in the community. The proposal came from local veterinarian Dr. Tamara Quaschnick who suggested a hub where livestock-related services could be clustered to provide easier access and convenience for livestock producers.
"We are very pleased Tamara came with her proposal and is championing it. There is potential for any activity or business relating to livestock," said Sewell, noting that the Livestock Hub is still in its very early stages.
"I think this livestock hub will really get going once calving season is over. We are very proud of this and I think it is a perfect complement to our Agriculture community. They may develop it as a one-stop shop or it could be more of a regional thing. There is the potential for them to access livestock related services a lot easier. We have no pre-conceived notions."
The action team is now working on defining the scope of the project as well as developing its work plan.
The Livestock Hub is the first of more to be announced for Hanna.
"This was really just announced and this is just the first one. There's a couple more coming," said Sewell, adding that they have had 24 one-on-one meetings thus far.
The potential for additional economic drivers has the people in Hanna and Special Areas encouraged.
"This is amazing and it has just started. We will gradually build up the community. There is a lot of renewed energy out there and we are getting the community excited about the possibilities. There has been so much negative talk about this town and we want to show the world what we can do here,' she said.

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