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Wetland retention and forage conversion program: your land may qualify for reimbursement!

Written by  Courtesy SCCWS
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The Swift Current Creek Watershed (SCCWS) has vital wetland areas for migratory birds and waterfowl.

These species use perennial pastures or forage and wetlands for food, shelter, breeding, and resting during migrations. The SCCWS is working with the Water Security Agency (WSA) to offer reimbursement to producers to seed crop land to perennial forage. SCCWS can assist producers to apply for funding under the Water Security Agency Forage Conversion Program.
Producers may be reimbursed be up to $35.00 per acre for forage seed costs.
Producers must sign an agreement to leave the land in forage production for ten years. Seed mixes cannot include smooth brome, sweet clover, quack grass, Kentucky bluegrass, timothy, reed canary, or crested wheatgrass. The land being seeded must also be in the North American Waterfowl Management Plan area to be eligible.
In the Swift Current Creek Watershed this includes areas in the rural municipalities of Morse #165, Excelsior #166, and Saskatchewan Landing #167.
If you are in these areas and have seeded cropland back to forage in the spring and summer of 2017 you could be eligible for the reimbursement from Water Security Agency!
If you are looking to seed or do other projects in 2018 you could also apply to check your eligibility! Contact the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards at 306-770-4607 by January 12th, 2018 to confirm eligibility and for your program application.
These are great projects to contribute to watershed stewardship in our area!

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