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With the announcement of an almost quarter billion dollar, interest-free loan to the Orphan Well Association by the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA) officials are hopeful the funds will begin to truly address the clean up and reclamation of abandoned wells found on agriculture land throughout the province.

Parents looking for an interesting week-long camp for their children in southeast Alberta can check out an offering by Pascalle Wisse through VDK Dressage Equestrian Centre.

It’s 4-H livestock show and sale season for those in the South Zone including those in the  Newell County and Special Areas regions.

Marc Garneau, federal Minister of Transport, introduced legislation May 16 which includes measures to advance a long-term agenda for a more transparent, fair and efficient freight rail system.

The Government of Canada introduced legislation that will move the industry towards a more accountable and reliable grains transportation system. This is good news for everyone involved — including customers.

How does a pronghorn get safely through a barbed-wire fence?

Marketing livestock is hardly straight-forward and only through hindsight do we actually know whether the pricing decision made (or didn’t make) on a particular day was good, bad or ugly.

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