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With over 400,000 Albertans relying on groundwater wells for their everyday water supplies, the matter of prevalent testing, treatment and maintenance without government legislation was one question a PhD student from the University of Calgary has spent the last year asking landowners across the province.

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is reminding Saskatchewan producers that the Canadian Agricultural Partnership replaced Growing Forward 2 on April 1. 

In Saskatchewan, we are fortunate to have several sources of research and demonstration information close to us.

When it was formed in 1885, Lethbridge was a one-company, one-industry town whose fortunes relied on the North Western Coal and Navigation Company.

While most pastures across Saskatchewan were blanketed with snow this past winter, the landscape will change quickly as warm weather arrives.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 11:45

CARA lining up details for 2018 field program

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This past year has provided a great illustration of the evolution of CARA. What began back in 1979 with a few field demo projects has grown over the years to become a broad based program targeting many aspects of crop and forage production as well as improving the environmental footprint of agriculture.

For the past six decades, the purebred cattle producers in southeast Alberta have had a venue for buying and selling their bulls close to home at the Medicine Hat Bull Sale and since its beginnings, has always been held at the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede.

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