You and your group of lifelong friends are out for a few drinks. One of your buddies grabs their keys and is about to drive home.
Do you say anything, or do you just let them go? It is something SGI is asking everyone in Saskatchewan to think about.

On Wednesday, August 2, University of Calgary law students will climb aboard the inaugural Justice Bus to Brooks, Alberta and connect with the wealth of opportunities that legal practice in rural Alberta can offer.

Effective at 10 a.m. today (July 27), the fire ban will be expanded farther into portions of southern Alberta.

It could be called a blessing in disguise.

Two 23-year-old graduates from the University of British Columbia spent time in Swift Current last week on their cross-country hitchhike on a budget of only $150 each.

The work continues to complete the Swift Current Broncos memorial site next to the Trans-Canada Highway east of the city.

An event to celebrate Métis culture and heritage in southwest Saskatchewan will take place in Swift Current on Aug. 3.

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