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Sip a little — time to warm up

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The days are getting shorter and the weather is brisk! It's time to curl up with a tasty, warm drink and relax by the fire.

Who am I kidding? It's time to wipe that snotty nose off your toddler (wipe the snot off, that is, not the nose off...), reach for the screaming baby, and pray for the sun to peak out just a tad so that you might remember you are not living in the far north. If you can find that warm drink that you made an hour ago, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be lukewarm. However, I have learned to appreciate lukewarm drinks now that I have two little one's to chase after; taking slow sips of cocoa doesn't have the same appeal when you have spit-up running down your arm, and your toddler is glancing at your paints and the family pet with a gleam in her eye. When your three year old's precocious nature is leading her to experiment with fur and paint, lukewarm drinks are definitely better, they go down quicker and don't keep you tied up for long.

Just don't fret, my pet, all us mother's here on the prairies need to unite. Remember that these winter months are fleeting.  Soon enough the calves will be laying on the ground and the crocuses will be popping up. For now, try and embrace the living room forts,  play dough you hope won't get eaten, and the Dr. Seuss marathon that will ensue. Cozy on up with your babes and cuddle their warm little bodies. Stare into their big, trusting eyes, and laugh at their antics. Know in your heart of hearts, that these are the good years. It might be chilly outside, but the sticky fingers on your clean windows, pointing at the snowflakes in wonder, are what will haul you through these long, Old Man Winter months.

If you are struggling with little sunlight, cyclical housework, and summer's opposite-remember we're all in this together. Find a neighbour mom to chat things over with or join a mom's group in town.  You can always do what I do, lay back in that fort, and stare up at the stars on that crazy quilt's back and let your heart swell with the knowledge that you are exactly where you should be in life.

Now, wipe off your counter, make that warm drink and recollect the fact that there are only five or six months until we might see a break in the weather. That ain't nothin'...

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