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Culture, heritage kept alive at Lyric Theatre

Written by  Joey Donnelly
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The Lyric Theatre is part of our region’s cultural heritage and exists today because of an active effort to protect it for future generations.

More than an old building, it creates a certain emotion within us.
The Lyric is a place to belong; where songs can be sung and stories can be told; a home for local knowledge and the performing arts.
Cultural heritage includes buildings and artifacts, but it also includes the oral narratives and the living expressions from our ancestors. Our theatre is an ideal site for this process where the knowledge of traditions, skills and customs are passed on from one generation to the next.
Youth Talent Night and Open Stage are a couple of examples of the emerging traditions at the Lyric that bind us together and give us an opportunity for mutual understanding.
Advocacy organizations like Heritage Saskatchewan promote cultural issues around the province. They facilitate workshops and storytelling sessions, explaining how safeguarding intangibles can contribute to more vibrant communities and a sense of belonging.
The organization’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer, Kristin Catherwood, and the Val Marie Heritage Elevator Committee recently held a workshop in January to discover the village’s folklore.
They’re working together to ensure that future generations can learn from the past, build communities in the present, and ensure a prosperous future.
Through community engagement, we can identify local customs, traditions and festivals that attract and retain both business and people.
The restoration of the Lyric Theatre goes well beyond bricks and mortar. Our project maintains and protects the processes involved in transmitting our living heritage. By developing storytelling sessions and events that promote local folklore, the Lyric Theatre will provide an even richer legacy.
Upcoming events:  Youth Talent Night on Friday, March 2, hosted by Desiree Leonard and Aradyn Storm, featuring Hip Hop by the Backstage Dance Company. Blenders presents Big Little Lions and The Lonesome Ace Stringband on March 3.
Gord Nodge hosts Open Stage on Thursday, March 8, doors open at 7 p.m.
Swift Current Improvisational Theatre (SCiT) is back with their long-awaited 2018 season opener on March 9, doors open at 7:30pm. Blenders presents Lindi Ortega on Thursday, March 15.
Write Out Loud features Dave Margoshes on Wednesday, March 21, doors open at 6:30 p.m. Yuk Yuk’s on Friday, March 23 features Sean Lecomber with Ken Hicks, doors open at 8 p.m. Blenders presents Red Moon Road on March 24.
(Joey Donnelly is a Lyric Theatre board member.)

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