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Rosebud’s new winter production should be entertaining

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What do you get when you combine a failed missionary minister, a broke and desperate saloon owner, a love-sick poet, and a childish, hot-tempered young actress?

Cariboo Magi  - a yuletide calamity that will have audiences doubled over with laughter.
By Lucia Frangione, the same playwright that wrote the Rosebud favourite, Chickens, Cariboo Magi plays at the Rosebud Theatre from Nov. 10 to Dec. 23.
"Lucia has a way of putting people and events that don’t belong together to great comedic effect," says Rosebud Theatre Artistic Director, Morris Ertman. "And ridiculous as it might be, it all makes some kind of sense in the end. If chickens can talk and sing in Lucia’s musical Chickens, The Last of the Mohicans, A Christmas Carol and Hamlet can absolutely be part of the traditional Bethlehem Christmas story.
In Lucia’s storytelling imagination, everything is possible! And what is so wonderful about her imagination is that it actually shows us the Bethlehem story in a newly minted divine light somehow. The woman believes in the mystery of it all, as well as the humour of the chaos. So, this is one wild Christmas ride in the theatre that will also touch your heart."
In Cariboo Magi, under a starlit sky, a bedraggled troupe of star-struck players travel to the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Rehearsing Hamlet, The Last of the Mohicans, and A Christmas Carol on their way, they travel by camel through deep snow and the wilds of the gold rush to fill a desperately needed performance contract.  But - they’re not actors.  Arriving on Christmas Eve just in time to walk onto the stage to perform, they find out they've rehearsed the wrong play. The result is the most sublime, chaotic, and hilariously entertaining rendering of the Christmas Story ever told.
Cast includes Joe Mackey - Zach Running Coyote - Three Hills; Madame Fanny Dubeau - Norma Roth - Rosebud, AB; Reverend William Teller - Nathan Schmidt - Rosebud and Marta Reddy - Anna Dalgleish - Delta, BC.

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