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Climate Change, Refugees and the End of the World at Rosebud

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Rosebud Theatre's upcoming spring production - Thornton Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth - first debuted on Broadway in 1942. What makes it still relevant in 2017? We sit down with Rosebud Theatre's Artistic Director, Morris Ertman, to hear why he thinks it is a timely choice for Rosebud.

The parallels to our current world state of affairs are eerily apparent. As the Antrobus family goes through three major world-changing events: The Ice Age, The Great Flood and a War, we watch the impact on their family. Mr. Antrobus moves from inventor to political and war-time leader, paralleling many a political figure's rise to power. Mrs. Antrobus becomes a leader in her own right - an eloquent champion of women. Children, Henry and Gladys, grow up through all of the chaos - like so many millennial today. Sabina, the family maid and ever-present diva, is an uncontrollable force throughout the play, her antics and interruptions providing the well-timed comedic relief in the show - the "hells-a-poppin" that critics hailed in the original production of the play.
 The Skin of Our Teeth is an energetic, challenging, comedic tale about human-kind's resilience. It's ultimately an illustration of something called "hope." To quote Thornton Wilder:
"Hope is a projection of the imagination; so is despair. Despair all too readily embraces the ills it foresees; hope is an energy and arouses the mind to explore every possibility to combat them . . . In response to hope the imagination is aroused to picture every possible issue, to try every door, to fit together even the most heterogeneous pieces in the puzzle."
The Skin of Our Teeth takes an audience on a wild ride straight to the centre of the human heart, a whimsical soul journey that shows us humanity's ability to come closer together when the whole world seems to be falling apart.
March 31 - June 3 afternoon and evening shows available. Tickets include buffet meal before the show. For more information or to reserve tickets call the Rosebud Theatre Box Office at 1-800-267-7553 or visit

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