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May 5 Double Feature Horror Night in Gull Lake anything but scary

Written by  Ryan Dahlman
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The 2017 event was a lot of scary fun for everybody. The 2017 event was a lot of scary fun for everybody. Contributed

Last year, Devon Oman and Lyceum Theatre's manager Wendy Klein collaborated on a October 2017  fundraiser which produced some hair raising results.

A twin bill of horror films, the Gull Lake theatre which at capacity holds 220, had organizers turn away about 80 or 90 people. In the process, a total of $1,500 was raised for the theatre.
Unlike some sequels, the second edition of the Double Feature Horror Night which goes May 5 at the Lyceum will not disappoint and expects to at least be as good as the original.
"Basically we had a (fans') vote earlier this year and basically a A Quiet Place and Child's Play won," explains Oman. "Didn't realize Chuckie still had that following, but it will be good."
For those who love the horror genre, this is a can't miss. It's a rare chance to sit and watch a classic movie such as Child’s Play in a classic movie theatre setting for a cheap price while helping to keep Gull Lake's theatre still viable.
Oman wanted to keep prices very affordable — which they are – so anyone could go watch. Two movies for $10 or one movie for $6. Ticket proceeds from the Friday the 13th movie will be donated to the Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake as it is a non-profit volunteer run organization like Dead Prairies is. His film company and some merchandise proceeds continue to go to the SPCA.
Like the first edition of the Double Feature Horror Night, Oman wants to make it special. The first version last year, one of Dead Prairies' most devoted and beloved actors/volunteers Jerod Johnson got dressed up in full "horror" character and entertained the crowd while posing for pictures.
Oman noted to watch for an announcement soon in regards to another Lyceum-fundraising event in July or August. He says the movies are "cult classic" types but are more PG-13 level as opposed to the pure horror ones they have down the first few times.
Oman's philanthropic nature doesn't only extend to the Lyceum's well being. Oman has been a huge and diligent support of the Swift Current SPCA. Not only does he occasionally go out on weekends and do some designated driving for people and then takes any tips and immediately donates them to the SPCA... he also gives the proceeds the money his movies make but also now the proceeds from the ever growing popular merchandise such as hats, T-shirts, hoodies and even stickers that he is selling in support of the SPCA. The popularity of Dead Prairies is evident. Last year, he updated the look of the trademark black and white gopher logo with a striking and creative 3-D full colour one. Oman was grateful for the logo designer Marshall Ambrose created.
"It's over what I expected; I'm just amazed," says Oman who say the merchandising and that aspect of the production business was manageable .
To date, Oman and Dead Prairies has contributed a combined over $14,000 to the SPCA. Lately, if you go to the Dead Prairies Facebook page, you will see all of the animals at the SPCA Dead Prairies sponsors.
To top all of this off, Oman's just finished the final cut of his next Dead Prairies' movie: Road Trip. The movie last just over 70 minutes at this point.
As he always is, Oman is extremely grateful for the hard work and diligence his cast and hard working crew contributed to the latest in Road Trip. He is very proud to work with these volunteers who are not only enjoying themselves but are trying really hard to make the best product possible.
"Everybody is great, they are all volunteer...people have a blast doing it," explains Oman adding that the management at The Shack and at Lucky Charlie's have each in their own ways been huge supports for his movies too, either as shooting locations or else as hosting movie premieres. "They have both been wonderful and great with us. I appreciate all the businesses who have helped us with the scenes we shoot."
The release date of Road Trip hasn't been finalized yet. He's pushing for the end of May or sometime in June.
The May 5 Double Feature Horror Night in Gull Lake has doors open at 6:45 p.m. with A Quiet Place starting at 7:30 p.m. and Child's Play at 9:30 p.m.

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