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Young Pincher Creek photographer makes history with another prestigious award

Written by  Demi Knight
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A creative depiction of  a monkey moth caterpillar in the rain Raindrops has been awarded in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 53 and is now on exhibit in the Natural History Museum in London (UK). A creative depiction of a monkey moth caterpillar in the rain Raindrops has been awarded in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 53 and is now on exhibit in the Natural History Museum in London (UK).

Southern Alberta’s own Josiah Launstein has made history after being named the Young Outdoor Photographer of the year for the second time.   The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is put on by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in the U.K. and BBC Wildlife.

As a result, the young photographer will have a photo at the Natural History Museum in London on display. On Jan. 23 the Canadian wildlife photographer added this prestigious award to his roster after he received the distinction over thousands of entries from over sixty countries across the world.
“There are so many great young photographers around the world that it’s always a huge surprise when one of my images is selected for an award,” says the 13 year-old of being the recent recipient of the Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year award.
“It’s definitely a good feeling to have other professional photographers appreciate my work and to receive the comments that people share who have seen my work on exhibit or in the news. It’s been really encouraging and motivates me to get out even more to create more unique images.”
Getting behind the lens at just five years of age Josiah has spent his whole life following in the creative footsteps of his family’s photography business, sharing their love and passion for the outdoors and nature.
He and his family live near the Porcupine Hills which is in the Pincher Creek area.
Now 13 and over seven years of experience under his belt, Josiah is reaping the benefits of exploring his passion young, as he makes history with his second ever title of young outdoor photographer of the year.
However, these aren’t the only awards Josiah has seen throughout his career, in fact the young photographer was also recently highly honoured in the Nature’s Best 2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards. 
With such prestigious recognition being offered Josiah’s way, the young artist says although it’s always a surprise to receive acknowledgements, his love for his craft has continued to give him all the inspiration he needs to keep venturing forward in the brave and beautiful world of nature and natural habitat.
“I love all the new experiences I have when I’m out photographing. I think it’s cool that you never know for sure what to expect, too. When I head out to photograph one species, another animal might show up and steal the show,”
“When I started taking pictures, I discovered I really like the challenge of photography, and it was just a natural fit for me to photograph wildlife like my dad and sister do. I like how photography lets me share my experiences of wildlife and wilderness with others,” Josiah added.
Growing up surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains just outside of Pincher Creek, the rolling hills, snow capped peaks and surrounding wildlife has offered the Launstein family even more inspiration when following their lens to new and exciting territories.
With big aspirations to keep chasing his dreams into the future, father and fellow photographer John Launstein says that watching his young son grow to share his love for the outdoors has been immeasurable no matter the recognition his son’s photos have received.
“Josiah ended up sharing my love for wild animals in wild places, and it is a HUGE joy for me to spend time with him in search of wildlife, scouting a promising area, or just hanging out with a herd of bighorn sheep on the slopes of the Rockies,” says Father and fellow photographer, John Launstein.
“I’m especially proud of the commitment and dedication Josiah has exhibited to learning his craft behind the lens and establishing an ethical approach in the field.”
With photos that capture the simplicity of water droplets on a caterpillars back to the complexity of big-horned sheep in their scenic and naturally historic landscapes, Josiah follows his camera and his passion across the country and further as he continues to produce photo’s that gain the interest of many established professionals across the globe.
Currently working on a project with his family and the Alberta Birds of Prey centre, Josiah is looking forward to more opportunities to work with extravagant wildlife in the near future.
More work of Josiah and the Launstein family can be viewed online at: or on Facebook and Instagram at Launstein Imagery.

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