Rose Sanchez

Rose Sanchez

Assistant Managing Editor

Having to face a breast cancer diagnosis is scary enough, but women also have to think about what the future holds in terms of having a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.

Although still waiting for the details, officials with the Palliser Primary Care Network (PPCN) are pleased they will be able to put even more money toward helping provide quality health-care services to area residents.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 08:00

SEAWA hosting Urban Sustainability Forum

Officials with the South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA) are hoping for good attendance at the upcoming Urban Sustainability Forum, but the registration deadline is creeping up quickly.

Although the overall number of students attending schools in Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) continues to decline, a bump in enrolment over what was estimated earlier this year, will mean additional funding for the division in a revised budget to be presented in November.

Prairie Rose School Division administration will start to gather important data for board trustees around the future of New Brigden School, including meeting with area residents who have children who are not yet in school.

What was once an almost non-existent program in Alberta, has now become a leader in Canada.

The school divisions in southeast Alberta are working together to roll out a plan to better educate the media, parents and students as well as the general public about the language that should be used during emergency situations.

Addiction and mental health issues are a growing concern in Medicine Hat, but law enforcement and health officials are working in a more concentrated effort to assist those in need of help.

Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) trustees hope officials with the Alberta School Boards Association  (ASBA) will see what great “friends” Alberta Works has been to them over the years.

Officials with the Friends of Medicare and were on a five-city tour of Alberta last week, in an effort to raise awareness about private, for-profit donor-paid plasma collection in the country.

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