Rose Sanchez

Rose Sanchez

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A more concerted effort to offer the best possible care to people who are injured in the backcountry is seeing results when it comes to the positive outcomes patients are experiencing as they recover.

Efforts to lower the average class size in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms in Prairie Rose School Division this school year have been a success, thanks to the board’s commitment to ensuring instructional dollars continue to be spent in classrooms on teachers and support staff.

Everyone could use a little good news.

Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) students in grades 1-9 were recognized for their creativity in helping share a message of safety around school bus transportation.

Grasslands Regional Division posted a small surplus in the 2015-2016 budget year thanks to continued strong enrolment and some unexpected funding for refugees who moved into the division.

Thursday, 15 December 2016 07:41

Minor adjustments made to Grasslands budget

Only slight adjustments needed to be made to the Grasslands Regional Division’s 2016-17 budget once final funding and enrolment figures were inserted. It still predicts a deficit of more than half a million dollars to operate for the school year.

Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) was able to post a slightly smaller deficit in the 2015-16 school, by spending less on utilities than it budgeted as well as increased revenues of about $200,000 that was unanticipated.

Provincial government officials are looking to increase immunization rates, especially in students, with amendments to the Public Health Act. In November, Bill 28 was introduced in the provincial Legislature.

Parents with children either in the private Kindergarten or younger had the chance to tell Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) administration and three board trustees just how important their school is to them. To those 20-some New Brigden individuals the answer was clear — their small school is the heart of their community.

Reactions of parents were mixed after a three-hour meeting in New Brigden School Nov. 28, held by the Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD), but one message was clear — parents want the school to remain open in the community.

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