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Unleashing your potency

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THE PAST 40 DAYS:  For the past 40 days I have been asking to create, generate, receive and actualize $15,000 for our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

The campaign is raising funds for the expansion of The KIVA Studio and the creation of a multi-room studio and wellness centre that will include a cold pressed juice and smoothie bar; called The JOY JUICERY.

Days ago our Indiegogo campaign ended and with your amazing contributions and support we raised over $20,000. (Whoosh). [NOTE: if we didn’t reach our fundraising target of $15,000 we wouldn’t have received ANY of the funds. So reaching our target and creating above and beyond that has been an incredibly dynamic experience].

For the past 40 days, I have been sharing the news of this expansion and inviting people to like/share/contribute/and join our KIVA Expansion Campaign in any way they can. I handed out fliers, sent out emails, knocked on doors, called up friends, shared cold-pressed juice samples, attended trade shows, connected with local businesses and more. Friends, family, KIVA Staff members and more joined us in sharing the expansion and telling others about our campaign.

The journey was one of ASK and RECEIVE. 

This is what I learned along the way:

1.    If you can’t, don’t, or won’t ASK for something.... how can you ever RECEIVE it? 

When you are clear on what you would like to create, or what you would like to show up in your world, then you can begin to ASK for it to show up. 

When I became clear that I would do whatever it took and never give up on creating The NEW KIVA STUDIO & JOY JUICERY, then it was clear that I was ready to take action, make choices and be the invitation for the money to come with ease. 

That meant not keeping this a secret. I am proud of myself that I ASKED for the MONEY to show up without SHAME and without worrying about what other people thought about it. I went out of my comfort zone and became the invitation for creation. 

2.    When I let go of the SHAME of ASKING.... for anything: be it money, help, support, partnership, staff, etc.... OPTIONS and POSSIBILITIES EVEN GREATER than I imagined can show up. 

3.    Asking for $$$$$$ to show up invited me to step into CREATIVITY, POTENCY and BE THE INVITATION. 

There are infinite ways for the money to show up. The more I was able to ASK without attaching a point of view about “who/what/or how” I was asking.... but simply ASKED without a point of view.... the more possibilities showed up. 

And all I can be is ME. And I choose to ASK and RECEIVE and not make other people’s decisions or points of view significant. (Whether they are “yes’s” or “no’s” to things I am choosing and creating).

4.    Everyone has their own points of view about money, about juice, about wellness, about joy, about myself, and about ASKING.... just to name a few. 

If I worried what others would think about “The ASK”.... if I was stressing about what if “they said no”, .... if I started to OVERTHINK THINGS, it slowed down my creative capacity; and nothing would get created and little would be received. 

More showed up for me in the past 40 days, when I simply was myself, sharing the campaign, my excitement for the renovations, the joy of receiving each donation, thanking every single person who said “yes”, and creating new perks, programs and offerings for people to buy. 

5.    I realize now that I CAN CREATE ANYTHING – (we all can), as long as we are willing to choose it and to receive it. Receive the appreciation and the judgment. Receive the money and the shame. Receive the guilt and the gratitude. Receive the potency and possibility. Receive it all. Create it all. And more!

For all of you who said No; I am grateful and I thank you. For all of you who said Yes; I am grateful and I thank you. And I wonder what I can choose now that will create even more awesome and possibility and joy and potency for me AND for the planet (which includes you too).

Get clear on what you would like to create. It doesn’t have to be money. It doesn’t have to be a new business. Whatever you choose – it should feel FUN and bring you JOY and make you feel EXCITED at the POSSIBILITY of RECEIVING IT. JUST LIKE THAT. 

And I wonder what you can be or do today that can create THAT fun, creative, tingly and excited potent sensation right away? I wonder what you have never asked for, that if you did ask for it.... it would change everything with total ease? Hmmmmm. I wonder.


Christine & The KIVA Studio

(P.S. Our Indiegogo Campaign was so successful the company has kept it “LIVE” on their website. We are officially an “In Demand” Campaign; which means all our amazing perks and offerings are still available to purchase online. For more details and savings at The KIVA Studio & Joy Juicery please visit: www.igg/me/at/KIVAStudioJoyJuicery

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