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Turning it off; turning it up; to be here now: check out Milton’s Secret

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Turning it off: There are days when I wake up and to-do lists emerge in my mind. I wake and wonder what day it is and if I am supposed to be somewhere, or if I’ve missed a meeting or appointment.


Then breath rises and falls in my belly, my mind clears, my body awakens, and the worry fades and clarity shows up. “Be Here Now Christine” (says that inner knowing).
Most of us are in autopilot mode; ticking off boxes on our to-do lists, running here, going there and in all of the comings and goings we are truly not aware of the present moment and what we are currently experiencing.
We complain, we judge, we fall short of who we would like to be. We expect others to be something different and to change for us. We put our happiness in the actions and behaviors of others. And when they don’t deliver to our expectations and hopes, we judge and blame and shame all over again; including ourselves.
We schedule in our happiness and try to etch out times in our week or month, or even at least once a year when we can do something fun, just for us, just for you, just for me. And then it is the first thing to get scratched off the to-do list.
Our kids are mirroring our lives. We shuttle our kids from band, to choir, to hockey, to skating, to dance, to gymnastics and back again. Going through drive-through, wondering if we fed the dog, left the lights on, unplugged the coffee pot or closed the garage door. (Sound familiar?) We tell our kids to go into the dishwasher and bring out the turkey; and they look at us with blank “you must be losing your mind” faces. They figure it out and head to the deep freeze and you microwave leftovers and eat on the run.
The meaningful conversations with our family members, partners and loved ones are held in the car between errands and to-do lists. We miss out on the day and squeeze it in with a few texts and emails here and there. We go to bed zapped, numb and slightly disappointed or overwhelmed with how little you actually got done today and wonder how are you possibly going to squeeze it all in with everything else tomorrow.
Turning it off: Every choice we have made has created our lives. I cannot blame anyone for my choices. They are simply choices and each one of my choices have created my life and brought me to this moment.
If you are in a state of overwhelm... if you are living each day through to-do lists... if you feel you have lost yourself along the way... if you feel stuck... if you desire more ease and joy in your life... if you are quickly overwhelmed and not at your best; what can you choose that will create more? All of your senses and experiences, thoughts and feelings are the cumulated effect of your choices. How do we turn it off? By making different choices.
Turning it up: We can turn up the ease, awesome and potency of our lives by making new choices – choices that light us up, make us feel yummy and fill us with joy and delight. Rather than getting caught in the drama and trauma of the stories of our lives, what can we choose that would create more here? One choice: BE HERE NOW!!!!
Take a deep breath! (“Really, I mean it... I’m talking to you... yes you”). Take a deep breath... And another. Take a moment and listen to all that is around you and within you ... all that you are aware of, sensing and experiencing. Be Here Now!!!
Be Here Now: If ANY of these words feel familiar to you I invite you to join me for the film screening of “Milton’s Secret”. Eckhart Tolle was inspired to create more ease and kindness in our lives and wrote a book called “Milton’s Secret”. The book was so inspiring it was made into a screenplay and is now a movie starring Donald Sutherland. This film is coming to Swift Current on Tuesday October 3 at 7 p.m. (Living Sky Casino).
“Milton’s Secret” is the story of a family living a full and busy life full of ups and downs. Milton – a young boy is having his own set of challenges – and bullying is one of them. “Milton’s Secret” is an invitation to make a new choice and to be different; a different parent, partner, friend, sibling, and neighbor. Rather than staying stuck in the overwhelm of our lives, we can make a new choice. “Milton’s Secret” is an invitation to ‘Be Here Now’ and choose something different. I hope you can join us. Bring your children, families and friends. All are welcome. Eckhart Tolle and “Milton’s Secret” are inviting us into kindness and compassion for ourselves, each other and the planet. Perhaps this invitation is the change that you have been looking for.
There is no excuse to not show up – the tickets are FREE. That is how powerful this invitation for kindness, care and compassion is.  Tickets are available online at Or contact  Stephanie 306-741-4664/Christine 306-774-6478
Like what you’ve read? Desire more? Shine on with Christine – #thejoyguru. If you desire to take your business and your life further join Christine at The KIVA Studio or book your Joy Clarity Session today. Together we can start creating more ease, joy and glory in your life. More information is online at:; on Twitter at:; or on Facebook at:

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