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Determination and power of the momma bird

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As I sit on the deck in my backyard working; writing blogposts, sending emails and creating programs, I am interrupted by incessant chatter and action in the sky.

I look up to see a small bird in hot pursuit of a larger bird, and the little one is chirping its head off. I wonder if the larger bird (perhaps a hawk or crow) has picked up one of her babies. I wonder what this larger bird has done to create such determination, focus and persistence for the robin. I do not know what happened prior to the chattering and the full on pursuit. I watch the action like a hot car chase in the sky.
They dart and spin and twirl, like out-of-control and about-to-crash helicopters and then they recover at the last moment reaching up and up and up for the tops of the clouds and beyond.
The entire time the small robin is shouting out and announcing to the neighbors, the other birds on the block, all the creatures in ear shot, and even tells the sky: “Thou shall not pass. I am Robin bird. I will have that now please.”
I wonder what I could create if I was so focused, so fierce and so potent in my pursuits and targets? I wonder how many of us two-leggeds are actually as clear as this winged robin in knowing what we want to create in the world, what we want to receive in the world, and what we would die for?
Hmmmmmm. My hunch is that most of us are not very clear about that at all.
Gary Douglas (the Founder and Creator of Access Consciousness) and one of my mentors, talks about the power of choice and how choice creates awareness. He invites us to “never give up, never give in, and never quit.” That is the energy of Choice. Douglas is not concerned about failure. He lives in the land of choice and possibilities and he creates and chooses with speed, tenacity and joy.
It is easy to imagine that a mama bird would never give up, never give in and never quit on chasing that larger bird, especially if the bird just snatched up her baby robin for lunch.
However, what if the claws of the large bird just snatched away all those things you were creating and having, choosing, and making possible in your life? Would you fly after that bird with fierce focus and determination and keep going even in the face of obstacles like doubt, judgment, fear, guilt, worry, remorse, regret? Or would you let go of those dreams, stop flying and just watch the grass grow?
Who would you be if you made the creating of your life your number one priority? We are potent creatures able to fly up in the sky, able to announce to the sky gods and the green growing grass and all the animals in between of who we be, what we are creating and what we are having in our life. What if you no longer kept your potency a secret, but actually became the power of the mama bird that you are and never let your creations get trumped or put aside or packed away because of anything or anyone else — including your own mind and worry or the thoughts and judgments of others.
I choose to be the mama bird and unleash my potency on my creations.
The KIVA Studio, The JOY Guru and I have been in the creation process for more than two years now and taking steps for expansion and more possibilities. Being the potent mama bird to these choices and creations does not mean that it all happens over night, just like that and “ta-dah” the end result is here. Hell no. It is a getting up everyday and still choosing that.
Most of us let our dreams and desires and creations go — we drop them because we want it all to show up as fast as possible and when we try once, and it doesn’t work, we let it go. Have I reached my destination? Have I achieved my target? As I keep choosing, even greater pathways and possibilities have shown up along the way. The landscape is brighter than I ever imagined and more people are playing and joining me along the journey — wherever the heck we are headed together I am having fun.
Invitation: What if you never give up, never give in and never quit on creating your life? Who would you be then? What would you choose then? What would you commit to and never give up on? What if you never gave up on you. Be that kind of mama bird and fly with tenacity in the sky for the fullness of you. I will have some of that please.
Be the fierce mama bird to your creations and choose you, choose that and get ready to receive.
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