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Being the architect of your own beautiful life

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Sitting in my backyard, the sun is high and my face and body is warm.  A meadowlark, a dove or two cooing to each other, a jet somewhere up high soaring by, crickets chirping, and leaves being teased by the wind.

I open my eyes and see trees in full bloom.
The weeping willow, she almost touches the highest phone cable. The hybrid pear tree flowers now and her branches reach beyond the neighbour’s fence. Even the bleeding heart bush is blooming and expands wide and full.
For a brief moment, I wonder how all of it got so big? Grew so fast? I remember planting the pear tree and the willow, but can’t really remember when. All of this growth happened right underneath my watch. I imagine parents have this same experience, watching their child graduate all the while remembering his or her birth and tucking the child in at night.
We make time so significant and forget about choice. What if now was the time to make choice significant? Nothing is linear. All it takes is choice and taking small consistent action. Even the smallest seed and bulb is full of power and potency and can choose to grow and expand.
We don’t realize how much we have changed and how much we have created until we take a moment to sit in the garden of our creations, look and see.
When was the last time you acknowledged your creations rather than judged what you have not yet achieved? When was the last time you recognized yourself and gave yourself the honouring and celebration for being you?
You may be thinking acknowledging yourself is a selfish act and is a means of gloating. Go ahead. Think that if you so choose. When I acknowledge myself and the things I have created — no matter how big or small they may seem — it awakens even more capacity, potency and possibility in myself to continue the journey, to keep pursuing my targets and taking action. Acknowledging my creations and celebrations in my life is a simple tool to “replenish the soil,” “nourish the seed” and awaken even more capacities within.
We are all seeds, weeping willows and bleeding hearts.
Slowly without truly noticing, we grow. We lean into the light. We store the good water. We replenish our soil. We nourish our roots. We stay committed to our targets and dreams; and we grow, bloom, and create something beautiful.
Yet some have stopped choosing and have given up on their dreams. Some choose to focus on what they don’t have and what they are still waiting for.
This type of thinking leaves people living in judgment and regret, and wondering why their leaves are wilted and their stock is weak.
We want the end result to show up right now. We want all of it yesterday. We make choices and take action and when the dreams don’t show up now, we give up and think that it won’t work. We judge ourselves, thinking we have done something wrong. What could we create if we stopped judging how things showed up in our lives and instead started to make new choices and celebrate our creations and achievements?
We are never finished growing. We humans will continue to have dreams, targets and strive towards greater and more. So acknowledge your own creations and celebrate your life and living now. Let go of the time lines and the what things should have looked like and start being the destination you desire tomorrow today.
In Barcelona Spain, there is a beautiful Catholic basilica called La Sagrada Pamilia. Created and designed by Antoni Gaudi, construction of La Sagrada Pamilia began in 1882 and even in Gaudi’s last years of life, he was committed to the project. When Gaudi died in 1926 at age 73, the magnificent basilica was less than a quarter completed. Construction is now more than halfway completed and current contractors and designers hope La Sagrada Pamilia will be completed in 2026, 100 years after Gaudi’s death.
Gaudi died before La Sagrada Pamilia was completed. Thousands of people who have worked on this project over the past almost 100 years will not see it completed. Yet the project continues.
Gaudi could have chosen to give up.
He could have chosen to create something new and stop building the basilica. Gaudi knew he wouldn’t see his masterpiece finished. He knew creation was a never-ending process and he created something beautiful one choice and acknowledgment at a time.
It is truly not about the destination my friends, but the celebration of the choices we make along the way.
The willow tree, pear tree and the bleeding heart will continue to grow and reach towards the sun leaning into the light long after I leave this place.
INVITATION: Let go of the destination. Let go of time. Simply choose every day — even in these next 10 seconds and start making choices that will create and expand your life so you too can create your own beautiful life and be the destination of your dreams every day.
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