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Thursday, 16 July 2015 10:19

Pistolwhips paying a visit to Swift Current

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Saskatchewan’s ‘super-group’ will visit Swift Current July 30.


The compelling story of a young American girl who is stranded with her family in Nazi Germany during the Second World War is one of six award-winning one-act plays from the Canadian Fringe circuit that will be performed at the Chautauqua Festival in Swift Current, July 8-11.

Officials with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play are still expecting a good turnout for their 22nd season, despite a slower economy in Alberta this year.

Ronnie Burkett’s THE DAISY THEATRE comes to Medicine Hat for a very limited engagement, Oct. 22-24 in the Esplanade Studio Theatre to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre.

Patrons following the “Yellow Brick Road” to Rosebud this summer can expect to see many familiar faces amongst the cast of iconic characters in the company’s summer production of The Wizard of Oz, playing until Sept. 5. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 06:08

Chautauqua returns to the Lyric Theatre July 8-11

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The Lyric Theatre celebrates the 8th Annual Chautauqua Summer Theatre Festival, while reviving an old prairie tradition, July 8-11.

Lauren de Graaf, the gifted young actress was mowing her parents' lawn at their home near Calgary when she got word of an award nomination.

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