The creativity of four students will help the Southwest Newcomer Welcome Centre to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism across southwest Saskatchewan.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 15:19

Lyric Theatre is continuing to improve

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In ancient Greece, long before Ziggy Stardust burst onto the scene, Orpheus was a rock star.

The Lethbridge Artists Club has unveiled its portrait competition entries as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations this year. The launch of the portrait competition honouring southwest Albertans took place Jan. 16 in the evening upstairs at CASA in Lethbridge.

The challenge of learning to live well with a chronic disease is the focus of a new book by Saskatchewan author Madelon Smid.

The distinct artistic style of C. George Poole is receiving recognition in the international art world.

Matthew Skretting has always been known as a fighter.

What others might see as junk, Nancy Currie wants to recycle into cool pieces of art.

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