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With the magic of co-creation, more shows up

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January has been a month of mad creation for me. I have been letting go of outcomes and results and listening to what feels fun, what feels light and to what excites me.

In the past 30 days I have created a whack of awesome adventures.
One of my mentors Iyanla Vanzant once told me to “take action and surrender the results.” I share that wise little nugget with my clients as well as myself. Taking action comes fairly easy for me. I am inspired by creative ideas and the possibilities of what I can add to my life and my business that will create more joy. The “surrendering the results” part can sometimes be a challenge. Everyday I try to add another little creation into my life and my business. I will often ask myself “what can I add to my business today that will create more joy right away”. Following joy is easy — especially when I let go of the results and simply choose joy and take action.
When you simply choose to take action — and let go of the results or expectations of what you will “get at the end” — you open yourself up to infinite possibilities and a symphony of even more options than you could ever imagined possible show up.
Here’s a story of just such an adventure:
October 2016: I attended a 3-Day Access Consciousness Body Process Training in Saskatoon. It was there thatI met Tanja — another Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator and BodyTalk® Practitioner. At our very first visit with each other, I found out that she is also a dog musher and raises husky dogs up north near Prince Albert. It was fun chatting with her and hearing of her passion for her dogs and her love for the boreal forest. Over a yummy lunch I suggested we create something together and maybe do a retreat together. I didn’t know what this would look like. I didn’t know what we would offer. The possibility felt fun. My body was lit with enthusiasm and excitement. I was filled with joy. Yes please. I’ll have more of that please.
We can so easily get caught up in the “how” will this show up, rather than inviting that it shows up. The ‘hows’ can stop us from taking action and planting seeds. Yet, during our “meet and greet” lunch, the seed was planted.
“Let’s do a retreat together ... maybe the dogs can be there!”
I then found out that she also knows my dear friend Theodora, who is also a BodyTalk® Practitioner and Facilitator.
Once I knew that they also knew each other an even greater possibility emerged: we can co-create this retreat together with all three of us. Whooosh.
The magic shows up when we least expect it.
Magic amplifies when we get out of our own way and let go of personal agenda.
What Happened Next: Theodora, Tanja and I were soon on a Skype call with each other. We shared ideas about our passions and what brought us joy. And we said yes to co-creating a retreat together and The Body Quest Retreat was born. We had our gifts, our skills, our curiosities and commitments to being more and offering more to others.
Without thinking of “how” will this be possible or “how” will we do this, we simply stepped into choice and creation. Our Body Quest Retreat finished last weekend in the beautiful boreal forest of Christopher Lake. Our event was filled and participants came from all over Saskatchewan. The three of us worked together with ease. We kept commenting how easy the whole experience was from start to finish.
When the invitation to join something — to play or to create with another shows up for you — what do you choose? Do you say yes? Or do you say no? What are you refusing to receive when you say no and shutdown co-creation?
Co-creating allows for more possibilities, not only for the thing you are creating, but more possibilities for your life and living as well.
I wonder what you can create today? What seeds you can plant today and what else would be possible if you allowed others to join in and create with you?
What else can we create Together That We Never Imagined Possible?
The three of us just finished calling each other. It was a “touching base” call a week after the retreat.
We reminisced and then another invitation and possibility appeared. Following the retreat Tanja talked to someone who was interested in the retreat, but for whatever reason didn’t attend. During their conversation a new seed was planted: a summertime retreat that involves The Body Quest, Canoeing, Wilderness and Wellness. All of our bodies are lit up once again.
The possibilities are greater than I ever imagined. That is the power of choice, taking action, surrendering the results and co-creating with others. More please. Choose please. Co-create please.
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